About ABS

Specialising in hydraulic cylinders and maritime products – ship propellers, ship steering systems – ABS is a household name, even far beyond Europe.

High quality, extensive range
Our clients in manufacturing, shipping and offshore are highly critical, and rightly so. These are sectors where every last detail counts. A favourable price-quality ratio alone does not suffice.
Safety, operational reliability and a long, economical life span are also of vital importance.
Another advantage, which we are more than happy to meet: all solutions, including the specialised ones, are available from one single true expert. We often are able to answer the demand for ‘custom-made’ cylinders (bore, stroke length, finish) by saying: this is simply part of our standard package of hydraulic cylinders.

Sound workmanship and smart innovations in technology
ABS employs skilled and experienced employees; we keep all this knowledge up to date on an ongoing basis. In order to further improve our qualities, we continually invest in research into new developments and new materials. Often with success, e.g. powerful, energy-efficient and quiet ship propellers, telescopic cylinders for use in locations with insufficient installation length. Unique, yet more wear-resistant finishes.

Work method
One of our team members will carefully listen to your wishes and continue to assist you until the best solution has been found. Not only on paper, but by actually ‘working hard’. We like to do business the ”old-fashioned” way: a deal is a deal; we don’t sell what we can’t deliver. If a professional refurbishment ‘as new’ works better than new construction, we will say so too.
Over 30 years ago we started our business in Groningen in the technical and hydraulic fields. In addition to our cylinder production in Veendam, we now also work from Russia. As a company, we have not lost the down-to-earth, clear and honest mentality of Groningen; ABS is a supplier you can rely on.

Everything ship-shape in order, from start to finish
ABS develops, contributes to the thought process, manufactures, installs, assists in the development and installation of cylinders, new or refurbished.

A customised quotation?