ABS Group subsumes WDH Hydraulics

There’s good news for the employees of WDH Hydraulics in Brabant’s Eersel: their company’s making a new start, virtually without (invasive) changes.
The latter is of great importance to the loyal customers and suppliers of WDH Hydraulics.
In the sectors of offshore, industry and maritime in particular, WDH Hydraulics is a name of some standing. The name signifies high-quality hydraulic cylinders, rotary joints and piston accumulators.

Quality and continuity are now ensured

“The fact that WDH is such a familiar and trusted name in heavy industry and the maritime sector is something that must certainly stay that way,” Rob Aldee, director of ABS Group BV assures us. “Not much will change for WDH’s regular customers. In fact, we’ll be in a much stronger position in the future after this acquisition. Of course, this won’t go unnoticed to our customers.”

The decision for ABS from Veendam to take over WDH Hydraulics isn’t a great surprise. The two companies are going to supplement each other well. Like WDH, ABS has around 25 years of experience manufacturing cylinders and professionally revising hydraulic cylinders. Although it started small, the company experienced healthy growth in recent years. There are more similarities: WDH’s employees are just as proud of their product as we are at ABS.

The technology and the engineering team

WDH Hydraulics’ order package contains a wide range of hydraulic cylinders for various applications. Over the years, ABS has firmly established its position in the market in terms of fast, high-quality and professional revisions, with as little loss of production as possible. ABS and WDH each have their own areas of expertise, which will supplement each other well.

ABS Group guarantees employment opportunities and enduring quality of customer deliveries. “We have a lot of respect for WDH’s current engineering team. There’s a lot of professional knowledge and experience there. Not only in the execution by technicians and welders, but also in establishing watertight working methods and quality checks. We will maintain all of that. By taking over WDH, ABS Group will be even better positioned to service the market.”