ABS provides 120 hydraulic cylinders for inlet work2018-03-28T13:10:25+02:00

Project Description

ABS provides 120 hydraulic cylinders for inlet work

ABS Cilinders has in the past six months deliverd 120 hydraulic cylinders of the type D140 / 70-960-TAPR80U-TS80N to one of its clients operating in the infrastructure.

The hydraulic cylinders are used for the hydraulic opening and closing from 60 steel floodgates in situations where high water position is predicted. Each individual steel floodgate is operated by two hydraulic cylinders
The actual opening takes place by means of a mobile hydraulic unit. During opening and closing the doors, the cylinders are connected to the aggregate by means of a multi-coupler, a so-called “hot-stab”. This compound has among other things the property that it can be quickly disconnected after the opening or closing of each individual floodgate. By the presence of a balancing valve to rod side of the cylinders remains the floodgate in open or closed position after the uncoupling.
The difficulty of this project was mainly in the fact that not a single cylinder of this project is the same, since the cylinders are going to be mounted in an intake structure which is deeper in the middle than on the sides. Each cylinder Has The same stroke but the installation dimensions vary from 1989mm to 3065mm. This had among other effects on the serial making of the extensions and the CNC curved piping. By adjusting our production for this project, we can say that we have encountered few problems here. We therefore delivered this project on time.

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