Project Description

Rotary Swivel for HEES liquids

Recently, we have produced a multi-channel high pressure throughput a rotary swivel (swivel for rotary applications). This rotary swivel is suitable for synthetic eshter oils (HEES liquid) and is used at relatively low speeds (max 1.7 rpm)

The seals consist of high-grade polyurethane sealing on the hardened and polished surfaces of the rotary shaft. The rotation shaft is supported on both sides in two SKF ball bearings.

The rotary shaft sealing faces have been treated by the company Top Clad in Lelystad  (

They have a combination of a Quarite N / Tardisphere coating with a total layer thickness of 225 μm applied by means of Laser boards. With this (very hard) coating we do not give a chance of sealing the seals.

The maximum pressure on the pressports (3x SAE 2 “- 6000PSI) is 350 bar at a maximum of 1600 liters per minute. At the return ports (3x SAE2-1 / 2 “- 3000PSI) the pressure is at most 60 Bar at 4200 liters per minute.

The swivel has a mass of 1620 kg in assembled condition.

Datasheet Quarite N
Datasheet Tardisphere

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