Hydraulic cylinders

ABS Cylinders is a supplier of high-quality (stainless steel) cylinders and hydraulic products.
The most common types of cylinders and customised options for special applications.
The main advantages of ordering hydraulic cylinders from ABS:
Fast delivery, expert advice, always the right cylinder for any purpose, good price-quality ratio. ABS is a specialist in cylinders.

  • Double-acting cylinders, single-acting cylinders
  • Cylinders that meet the requirements of the ISO 6020 and ISO 6022 quality marks, specifically for the industry
  • Telescopic cylinders, long travel for limited installation space applications

Fast delivery, high quality
We believe fast delivery is important. You need to be able to get on with your work; waiting for a cylinder is not an option. You don’t want inferior quality either; you want to be able to enjoy a long, problem-free service life after delivery. This is why we always have a large range of hydraulic cylinders in stock, all made from the best materials. We can even supply customised cylinders reasonably quickly, made completely to your specifications.

Complete standard range of stainless steel hydraulic cylinders, finished to meet your needs
In most cases, we can help you by using a cylinder type from our standard range. Standard means: bore up to 200 mm, working pressure up to 200 bar. View the standard range of ABS cylinders.
Customised cylinders: for special requirements, or cylinders with specific dimensions
For example:

  • Up to 500 mm bore, stroke length up to 18 metres, working pressure up to 600 bar
  • Piston rods made from all kinds of materials, with different coatings and ceramics, laser cladding, various Lunac coatings
  • Fixed or adjustable damping
  • Equipped with sensors for pressure measurement or positional feedback
  • Built-in electronic displacement measurement system
  • One-piece cylinder tubes and bases
  • One-piece piston rods and pistons
  • All produced from the common stainless steel types
  • High-quality preservation: primer, spray and epoxy coating
  • Or finished to your own specifications for extraordinary applications

Piston rod coatings:
Our hydraulic cylinders are all hard chrome plated (20MnV6) as standard.
There are many other options available, such as:

  • Nickel plated, various thicknesses
  • Ceramic coating
  • Laser cladding, Quarite and Taridsphere, for example
  • Induction hardened
  • HVOF coating based on chrome/tungsten carbide

Part of our service: cylinder data book with documentation and maintenance
Our salesperson knows everything about hydraulic cylinders: types, sizes, strength, finishing, preservation. You can make use of the documentation.
It is handy to have around if you need to read up about the ABS cylinder you are using.
All test results, quality reports, technical specifications and, of course, a good user manual, including maintenance tips.
For example:

  • Strength calculations
  • Honing report and piston rod report
  • Preservation report
  • Oil purity report (from our own test unit)
  • Welding report containing technical details
  • FAT report
  • Certificates for the materials used during manufacture, providing traceability
  • Optional XRF analysis, if required

Sales department of ABS Cilinders BV
If you can not find a suitable application in our catalog, our sales department will gladly help you.