Civil engineering, infrastructure

High-quality ABS cylinders are widely used in civil engineering works: infrastructure such as locks, moving bridges, water barriers, weirs, etc.

ABS has a great deal of experience with infrastructure and cylinders
When choosing hydraulic cylinders for an infrastructure project, civil engineers, contractors and builders have – quite rightly – a number of important requirements, that should not be deviated from:

  • Accurate, quick and honest advice
  • Good quality
  • Failure to meet agreements, especially late delivery, can be expensive
  • This is especially true for infrastructure: long service life is a must for the client

Important: documentation concerning quality requirements and characteristics, warranty
As standard, we supply cylinders for infrastructure with the various documentation required by principal clients and contractors. This can take the form of a complete data book, for example:

  • Material certificates including traceability, with optional XRF analysis, if required
  • FAT report
  • Welding documentation
  • Strength calculations in accordance with NBD 6000/NEN6786(VOBB)/Euro Codes
  • Honing reports/piston rod coating reports
  • Oil cleanliness report (from our own test unit)
  • Preservation reports
  • User manual
  • Warranty declaration

Options, depending on the infrastructure project:

  • Piston rod eyes free-form forged from S355
  • Integrated displacement measurement system, which may be redundant
  • Related attachments, such as gimbals, included
  • Bores up to 500 mm
  • Oil connections through the piston rod
  • Sensors for positional feedback/pressure measurement
  • Fixed or adjustable damping
  • Piston rods made from all possible materials with coatings and ceramics, Ni/Cr 100/50, various Lunac coatings, laser cladding
  • Preservation: spray and three-layer coating systems, in accordance with NBD requirements

Expert support for the engineering process, for cylinders
ABS not only supplies the best hydraulic cylinders, we can fully support the construction at each stage of the project. For example, by keeping you informed of planning, production and progress of the manufacturing process of our cylinders and component parts for those cylinders.