Luxury yacht building

Shipyards that build pleasure boats – and certainly makers of luxury yachts – have very different requirements for hydraulic cylinders than the specifications required by commercial shipping. You could say they have even higher demands.

Operation and finishing of on-board hydraulic cylinders
On an elegantly designed luxury yacht, the finish of a hydraulic cylinder is perhaps just as important as the operation.
For cylinders that do the hard work in commercial shipping, a visible weld is no problem, so long as the cylinder works smoothly and reliably, is affordable, and has a long service life.
Luxury yacht construction has a few more requirements. For this sector, a good cylinder is also beautiful and extra safe.

Adapted production method and other ways of finishing cylinders
Our customers in yacht construction are very critical. This is because their customers are much more critical as well. On a shiny, luxury yacht, a hydraulic cylinder cannot detract from the beautiful design. No matter how indispensable these good, solid stainless steel cylinders are.
At ABS Cylinders, we are more than happy to take the following into account: no visible welding marks on the cylinder tube, more sophisticated, high-quality materials to ensure a finish that stands out.
Technical specifications for cylinders in yacht construction:

  • Bores from 20 mm up to 200 mm
  • Electronic displacement measurement system integrated into the cylinder
  • Sensors for pressure measurement and positional feedback
  • Fixed or adjustable damping
  • Certification/classification for all certification bodies (such as LR/DNV-GL/BV)

Extra: the “aesthetic” specifications of cylinders, specifically for the yacht construction:

  • Stainless steel in all common types and qualities
  • Better conservation: spray and yacht paints, shiny gloss polish, electrolytic polishing for a clean look
  • Finish easier to maintain, and remains looking new for a longer time
  • Option: finish according to your own specifications or the yacht designer’s specifications
  • One-piece cylinder tubes and bases; one-piece piston rods and pistons

Upon request, ABS Cylinders will provide a complete cylinder data book containing details of your order. With specifications and “grades” of the hydraulic cylinders used.
Ideal for use as additional documentation concerning quality for the purchaser of a yacht. Including FAT test, optional 3.1 certificate if required, welding certificates.

Pleasure yacht builders use ABS hydraulic cylinders for:

  • Steering systems
  • Deck hatches
  • Cabrio hoods
  • As a component part for various types of ship cranes
  • Gangway systems
  • Lock systems