Offshore industry

ABS Cylinders has extensive experience with the construction of hydraulic cylinders to meet the special requirements of the offshore industry and the many applications of cylinders in the offshore industry. Reliability, service life, safety and high quality are possibly even more important than required in shipping and ashore. ABS ensures:

  • Accurate, quick and honest advice about hydraulic cylinders
  • Good quality
  • Keep agreements
  • Fast delivery times
  • Long service life

Do you require a standard or customised hydraulic cylinder for offshore?
The “standard” choice at ABS is always very broad: cylinders with a bore up to 200 mm and high working pressures up to 200 bar. Take a look at our standard range of cylinders.
If you want ABS to manufacture a customised cylinder, that is possible as well. According to your own specifications. This can often be achieved with (some) standard parts, which keeps the costs down.
Available options for “customised” cylinders for the offshore industry:

  • Stroke lengths up to 18 metres
  • Bores up to 500 mm
  • Extra high working pressures up to 600 bar
  • Underwater use and deep-sea applications
  • Oil connections through the piston rod
  • Electronic displacement measurement system integrated into the cylinder
  • Sensors for positional feedback/pressure measurement
  • Fixed or adjustable damping
  • Piston rods of all possible materials with surface coatings such as ceramic, Ni/Cr 100/50, various Lunac coatings, laser cladding
  • Certification/classification for all certification bodies (such as LR/DNV-GL/BV)
  • Preservation: Primer, spray and epoxy coating, or in accordance with customer specifications
  • One-piece cylinder tubes and bases; one-piece piston rods and pistons

Safe idea: complete cylinder data book on request
Good to know: the specifications and “grades” of your hydraulic cylinders will always be easily accessible. For those who require it, we can deliver the full documentation: including FAT test, 3.1 certificate, welding certificates.

ABS offshore cylinders are often used for:

  • Clamping applications
  • Lifting applications
  • A-frames
  • Dredging installations
  • Pipe laying installations

About ABS Cylinders, at home in the offshore industry
We are a solid, sober and hard-working company with a wide range of offerings. You are assured excellent quality for a good price.
Our customers in the offshore industry are not fond of delays or unpleasant surprises. We work in the “old-fashioned” way: a deal is a deal, and we never sell something we cannot supply.