Double-acting cylinders

A high-quality double-acting cylinder that is offordable and delivered quickly.
As a specialist in hydraulic cylinders, ABS will be happy to respond to such a request. On time.

This is why we have developed an extensive standard cylinder range.
Piston diameter range from 30 mm to 360 mm. Based on our experience, you will find the perfect cylinder for you in most cases.

Easy exchange with existing components, overhaul or partly replaced component parts

Because component parts of cylinders from this frequently used standard range of products are always made within very tight tolerances, we can almost always replace existing component parts with new parts without any problem. Even if a cylinder was used in your construction 20 years ago for example.

Always the ideal hydraulic cylinder?
Choose a standard, customised or in-between solution: cylinders built with standard parts, but customised to meet your specific requirements.
You can also decide which finish you want. For a surprisingly low price, you can have a “customised” quality product delivered to you very quickly.

Take a look at the ABS single-acting cylinders and the ISO cylinders from ABS


Would you like to know more about our double-acting cylinder? Then contact our expert staff or take a look at our page for hydraulic cylinders