ISO Cylinders – specifically for the industry

All cylinders from ABS are of high quality.

Why ISO certification for cylinders?
Our customers rely on ISO quality certification for industrial applications of cylinders in places where cylinders are to be used under extra arduous conditions, and where a long service life with minimal maintenance and minimal chance of failure is of great importance for business continuity.
For high-quality hydraulic products and parts, this ISO certification is ISO 6020 and ISO 6022.

The ISO cylinder series from ABS complies with the most stringent requirements.
We have developed them specifically for industry, right down to the last detail.
For example, we use a seamless, cadmium-free assembly with a screw and bolt connection, and only use the highest quality materials and seals.
Standard options:

  • Various types of piston rods, various finishes*
  • Leak oil connection
  • SAE connections
  • Adjustable damping
  • Various mounting options
  • Inductive proximity switches and/or linear displacement measurement system

Look for the standard sizes in our ISO Catalogue > download PDF
Our salesman will be happy to tell you more about the choices and options.

Handy tip: how to decide on the ideal ISO cylinder, including the cylinder component parts
Buying a high-quality cylinder without seeing it first is not required. The ABS salesman can let you see your “customised cylinder” on a digital drawing. Your own project, complete with ISO cylinders, to scale.

You can find the “standard” dimensions in our ISO6022 catalog. If desired, our sales staff will be happy to advise you on the right (rod) choice, supported by a digital scale drawing that you can implement directly in your project.

Click here to download the iso6022 cylinder catalog