Single-acting cylinders

ABS also has an extensive range of standard solutions for single-acting cylinders.
This means, we can deliver from stock immediately.

The only “standard” thing is the basic cylinder
ABS is happy to inform you about all the options because the wide number available with “standard” cylinders requires choices to be made to further improve and refine the basic cylinder itself.
This means you will find the perfect single-acting cylinder that fulfils the installation space requirements and that is most suitable for your construction.
Examples of the options available in order to choose a good hydraulic cylinder:

  • Cylinders where “drive” is not required because the weight of the cylinder and its load is sufficient to move the cylinder “in” or “out” again
  • Cylinders equipped with a built-in measurement system
  • Cylinders with “end position detectors”
  • Cylinders with springs or disc springs, if required

Different finishes in a variety of high-quality materials
Tip: there are two different types of single-acting cylinder
One type of single-acting cylinder is called a “plunger cylinder”, the other type is called “piston cylinder”.A cylinder with a plunger only works with an end stop or with guidance.
A single-acting piston cylinder works in the same way as a double-acting cylinder, but only with a single action. This type of cylinder can also be used for “pulling”.

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