Telescopic cylinders

If there is insufficient installation space for a “fixed” double-acting or single-acting cylinder, the flexible “telescopic cylinder” is a more sophisticated solution. In short: where a cylinder with a single piston rod with long travel is required.

A telescopic cylinder consists of broader and narrower parts (steps or sections) that fit within one another. The section with the largest diameter extends first. The thinnest diameter limits the maximum power of the whole telescope diameter.

As well as stainless steel telescopic cylinders, ABS offers choice from an extensive standard package with a wide range of diameters and two, three, four or more sections. Single-acting cylinders and double-acting cylinders.

Customised telescopic cylinders are also available
it doesn’t happen very often, but if our standard range does not offer enough choice, we can make a customised telescopic cylinder to your specifications. Our expert staff will help you with this. Working together, we will always find a solution to your requirement.