Hydraulic steering devices

ABS is known in shipping around the world.

We are the exclusive dealer of Marsili Aldo steering systems and remote controls Russia.

ABS Hydromarine has entered into an agreement with Marsili Aldo for the exclusive sale of this top brand hydraulic steering system. Marsili Aldo & C. S.A.S. has been working as a manufacturer of hydraulic and electro-hydraulic steering systems and remote controls since 1957. Innovative and reliable.

Our Marsili Aldo hydraulic systems are used for the steering wheel. Anywhere a maximum engine torque of up to 90 tonnes per metre is required. Built according to existing RINA laws, and always thoroughly tested in accordance with the requirements of L.R. – A.B.S. – B.V. – G.L. – DNV. Certification upon request.
The production of Marsili Aldo is intended for various applications in the maritime and nautical sector. This is possible thanks to a wide range of products that are ready to meet the requirements of the manufacturer: tugboats, medium-sized service vessels, medium-sized vessels, fishing boats, small and medium-sized port boats, yachts, motor yachts.

With all that experience, Marsili Aldo not only captured the European market, but also the market of shipyards and constructors far beyond Europe. For example, at ABS, we can guarantee the quality our national and international customers demand when it comes to solid and accurate steering systems for ships, as well as any additional products they may require, such as the remote control.

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