Marine cranes

ABS is known in shipping around the world.

We are the exclusive dealer of Toimil MARINE cranes for ships in Russia.

Toimil MARINE, a shipping specialist from Spain, offers an extensive range of cranes for various applications. From collapsible with articulated arm, foldable with articulated arm for high capacity, to telescopic boom cranes. All our products are designed to withstand extremely high loads, guaranteeing a long service life and a lot of operational reliability. They also meet the strict (and rightly so) safety standards and extreme environmental conditions demanded by the marine industry.
Thanks to our years of experience and extensive product knowledge, we can meet the demand for many applications and specific requirements on a ship. We always provide advice by working with you: which of our various marine cranes is best to do its job in your situation, and on your ship?
Toimil MARINE marine cranes is a leading supplier for the most diverse applications. And this also true under heavy condition. The use of high-quality materials also means: cost-efficient production and a high-quality product with a long lifespan. No matter how heavy the operating conditions will be or how high, how low, and how far the load needs to be moved, Toimil cranes offer endless possibilities.

What is good service?
As an exclusive dealer of Toimil hydraulic cranes, we at ABS also believe we have a further responsibility. We provide our customers with the same service we would like to receive ourselves. This includes quick, effective and efficient servicing.
And because our customer’s needs are the most important, we work very hard to meet their requirements, even if these are new requirements: a demand for further improved maritime products for example.

For example, by letting Toimil know what you think about use and quality in good time.

And of course: reliability
Honesty is paramount at ABS: we do not make empty promises.

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