Marine engines

ABS is known in shipping around the world.

We are the exclusive dealer of Mitsubishi diesel engines in Russia via Koedood Dieselservice BV.

Koedood Dieselservice BV is the official distributor for Mitsubishi engines, especially for the maritime sector in the Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg. And they have held this position since 1978. In addition, ABS is the official dealer for Wärtsilä marine engines for inland navigation.
Today, Koedood has the largest stock of Mitsubishi engine parts in Europe.
We know exactly what we need to have in stock so it can be available for sale quickly. An excessive, obsolete stock makes no sense to anyone. This is why we normally keep approximately 50 ship engines and a wide range of spare parts with a combined value of 4 million euros in stock. As a result, we are always able to deliver a complete package of:

  • Engine
  • Gear box
  • Box cooler
  • Noise dampener
  • After-service care

Driven by service and an eye for quality, Koedood has grown from a small company into a huge supplier of Mitsubishi engines for inland shipping. And they have expanded further since then: Koedood is now able to supply customers in the Marine sector with generator sets (up to 3580 KWM) and propulsion engines up to 2984 kW for ships, including servicing.

Passion for innovation takes Koedood to a completely new standard for driving ships, both inland and maritime.
Since 2013, we have been supplying the European market with:

  • Hybrid drive
  • Diesel-electric propulsion
  • Post-treatment system
  • Dual-fuel engines (from Wärtsilä)
  • Gas engines

Koedood acquired Emigreen in early 2014. Emigreen is the post-treatment systems specialist for shipping. Emigreen is a pioneer in the efficient post-treatment of fuel, designed to offer innovative and sustainable solutions to the market that lead to a reduction in the emissions of combustion engines. Fewer emissions of harmful substances = better performance, that’s the goal.
Emigreen can be your reliable partner for:

  • NOx reduction
  • Soot filtration
  • Exhaust noise reduction

With our solutions, your engine can meet the stringent IMO Tier 3 environmental requirements. Together, we can make the world a better place. Without a loss of power.