Winches, pump drives & equipment dredgers

ABS is known in shipping around the world.

We are the exclusive dealer of Maro Techniek in Russia: winches, drives for pumps and specific applications for dredging installations. Both electric and hydraulic.

Maro Techniek is a Dutch company. They develop, design and produce electric, hydraulic and pneumatic winches. And they have been using their extensive trade knowledge for 25 years. Winches with a maximum capacity of approximately 100 tonnes, depending on the processing and application, with or without control.
In addition to a wide range of standard winches, ABS also offers extensive experience in developing customer-specific solutions for “specialised” applications. We work with you to develop a solution that offers the most economic and technical benefits. And especially: the one solution that provides a working answer to your problem.

We design in 3D using the SolidWorks 3D CAD software. We produce, sandblast, coat and test every product in our own production facility. All welding is carried out according to the strict standards for shipping: DNV NEN-EN-ISO 15614-1: 2012/AWS D1.1: 2010 ASME IX: 2013. We can supply any winch with evidence of the test or full certification from a Notified Body (NoBo) such as DNV/GL, B.V. or LR.
Whatever your needs, we can supply a winch that fits.

Pump drives and dredge pump drives
Maro Techniek develops, designs and manufactures drives for pumps in the maritime sector. For example, a high-efficiency permanent magnet, direct drive and various 4-pole dredge pump drives especially for use in underwater vehicles (IP68).

Our products are used widely in the dredging sector; for example, on profile dredgers, trailing suction hopper dredgers, floating dredgers and cutter suction dredgers. As a specialist in customer-specific solutions, we only make use of rotor and stator sets from renowned European manufacturers of electric motors. We build a sturdy, safe housing, flanges and the terminal boxes in-house. All motors we deliver have undergone a critical “full load” test. Maro Techniek recently developed a new, ground-breaking electric underwater motor based on an innovative technique: permanent magnets. The motor works by making use of strong, built-in permanent magnets, which eliminates the need to constantly magnetise the rotor. Eliminating this blind current reduces the total current required by the motor, which leads to higher efficiency and energy cost savings. This type of pump unit is 2-3% more efficient than the existing traditional three-phase sets. Moreover, the device is much more compact and lighter, with less cabling. In recognition of this efficiency, the Maro Techniek E-motor was awarded the Super Premium Efficiency IE4 rating. Prior to insertion, the E-motor is successfully tested extensively on a sand dredger. If desired, we can install and deliver in various ways: with or without checks and including commissioning.

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