Z-Drive & Tunnel bow thrusters

ABS is known in shipping around the world.

We are the exclusive dealer of propulsion from Veth Propulsion in Russia

The rudder propeller: excellent manoeuvrability and high efficiency.
The Veth-Z-Drive has proven its reliability for years. The rudder propeller is independently designed and manufactured, which means Veth Propulsion can demonstrate that high efficiency and excellent manoeuvrability can go hand in hand. In this set-up, they work together perfectly.

The Veth-Z-Drive offers full thrust power over a 360° circle, allowing maximum manoeuvrability of the vessel. With its wide differentiation of different types over the years, the Veth-Z-Drive offers a solution for many different applications. In short: Veth Propulsion stands for innovation in shipping.

Outstanding service:
Certification, based on results obtained from recognised classification organisations, are a permanent part of our guidance for every installation. Veth Propulsion maintains an extensive service network providing excellent service for its customers all around the world.
The Veth-Z-Drive provides greater flexibility than conventional drives. This means you can easily choose for an installation to be set up in the machine room.

This is because the engine can be placed next to the Veth-Z-Drive, keeping the space required on board to a minimum. This is always an advantage in shipping: unnecessary use of space is always at the expense of the space available for passengers or freight.

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Veth Tunnel bow thrusters:
Veth tunnel bow thrusters are manufactured from high-quality materials; they always meet the most stringent qualification requirements. A great deal of attention is paid to the complete design (from the gears, bearings and oil seals, to the streamlined underwater housing) to ensure optimum efficiency and minimal cavitation (pressure loss due to turbulence) while underway.

Veth Propulsion can also supply the complete powertrain if requested. This means: the electric motor and the frequency controller for an electrically-driven bow thruster are also included. We have a huge amount of experience in this area, which is why we can advise customers on the various options: the advantages, the possible drawbacks, the economic and technical differences. Depending on the power required, we can also supply the generator set or the shaft generator. This ensures the electrical input and the speed control meet the requirements.

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