Rotary swivel– rotating oil transit

Do you need an endlessly rotatable oil transit that meets your high and special demands?

ABS is experienced in designing and manufacturing custom-built a rotary swivel.

As a rotary swivel often occupies a central position within your construction, you have high demands in terms of its reliability. ABS designs and builds every rotary swivel with the greatest care.
If necessary, all joints can be adjacent to a return line. When, after many years of reliable service, a seal is at the end of its service life, leaking oil will be discharged through the return line without adversely affecting other functions.

ABS rotary swiveloffer:

  • High oil flows that can exceed 600 L/min, potentially combined with one or more smaller joints, all entirely according to your demands.
  • Working pressure up to 400 bars.
  • Suitable for mineral oil, other oil such as HEES oils, water-glycol and other fluids, or oils combined with compressed air.
  • Optionally, all joints adjacent to a return line.
  • Optional central hole for cable bushing. This also enables use of the joint to connect the electronics.
  • Compact dimensions, always within the demands you set.
  • High rotation speeds, in consultation dependent on the required diameters.

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