XRF Röntgenfluorescentie Analyzer

Handheld X-ray Fluorescence (XRF) analyzer purchased by ABS Group

With this X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer it is possible to identify metals on the basis of their composition from chemical elements. In the X-ray fluorescence spectrometry the material is irradiated with hard X-rays. The material then emits X-rays at a longer wavelength which is characteristic of the elements present in the material. The technique is non-destructive: the material is not affected by the analysis. Elements in a wide range can be measured with this technique. On the side of the light atoms, the technique is limited because the emitted X-rays get longer and longer wavelengths.

This radiation is difficult to detect because it is very easily blocked by the windows that separate the different parts of the device. On the side of the heavy atoms, the technique is limited by the fact that the X-rays used to induce the fluorescence must have a higher energy than the characteristic radiation of the element being measured. The X-ray radiation in an X-ray fluorescence spectrometer is generated by means of an X-ray tube. The exit window of the tube, which consists of beryllium, is brought as close as possible to the sample in order to create the greatest possible amount of fluorescence.

ABS has chosen the Olympus DELTA Element, this is a handheld X-ray fluorescence (XRF) analyzer designed for fast, accurate results. Fast, simple and reliable, the DELTA Element contains the functions and the robust design of the DELTA family. With fast elemental ID for screening, sorting and metal analysis, the DELTA Element offers fast ROI for scrap, PMI, QA / QC and Jewelry / Precious Metals applications.

With a powerful X-ray tube and Si PIN detector, the DELTA Element is ideal for simple applications. It offers fast ID, screening, sorting and basic and metal analysis. The DELTA Element offers a quick measurement with results in seconds, low detection limits, and excellent precision.

In the link an example test report: ABS XRF Spectrometer test report

In this way we can guarantee the used materials in our hydraulic cylinders.

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