Cylinder Overhaul

The overhaul and repair of cylinders is day-to-day work for ABS. We overhaul or repair all cylinder brands. Sometimes, the simple replacement of a seal is sufficient; but this is not the limit of our capabilities.
The removal and refitting of hydraulic cylinders for overhaul is a specialist job. Please do not hesitate to outsource this work to an expert in cylinders. One phone call, and we can take care of the entire process.

Does the cylinder require overhaul or replacement?
Our specialists are familiar with all brands and types of cylinders. They will be happy to assist you and provide honest advice, both technically and economically. Together, we can make the right decision by weighing up the long-term cost-effectiveness of rejecting or repairing/fully overhauling the cylinder.

Always quickly accessible, thanks to a separate production line for cylinder overhaul
At ABS Cylinders, we carry out cylinder overhaul using a separate, independent production line.
This means we can always help, immediately and without delay.

What does a cylinder overhaul consist of at ABS?
There are plenty of options, always “customised”. What we do exactly depends on the requirements and the condition of the cylinder that needs to be overhauled.
It can be a total “renovation”, which gives a working cylinder a new, second life. If this is unnecessary, we choose a limited, practical overhaul. The options for a comprehensive hydraulic cylinder overhaul include:

  • Ceramic coating
  • Piston rod plating or chroming
  • Extending/shortening the travel
  • Honing the cylinder tube (in our own production facility)
  • Re-preservation
  • Upgrade of the sealing principle
  • Archiving/documenting existing designs

Short delivery time, short consultation lines, that is the standard with ABS Cylinders
Delivery times can be surprisingly short because we keep the manufacturer of cylinders in house. Stationary machines caused by a problem with its cylinders are not an option for us. We know the importance of quickly preventing loss of production. Therefore, we will also always be flexible in our response to your request for overhaul, or if you require free advice.

Once you have decided what the best and most economical course of action is, we will carry out the overhaul quickly, thoroughly and professionally.